Teodoro Pozo Illingworth

Doctor of jurisprudence and Lawyer with extensive experience in Tax and Customs matters. He has been Judge and President of the Contentious Tax Court based in Cuenca, from its creation in 1993 until the beginning of 2012.

He graduated with his Juris Doctor and attorney tittle from Universidad Catolica de Cuenca, he also holds a Specialist degree in of Social and Legal Sciences from the University of Cuenca where he graduated in 1971 with honors.

In the public administration he has served as Secretary of Governor’s Office as well as the Mayor’s Office of Cuenca. He was District Director of the General Comptroller of the State and for 20 years he served as Minister Judge at the District Tax Court based in Cuenca since its creation in 1993 to 2012.

In the private area, he was professor and Vice-Principal of the Rafael Borja High School, later,  he taught  at the Law School of the Catholic University of Cuenca and University of Azuay, being an instructor for the training of Mediators and professor of Alternative for Dispute Resolution.

After retiring from the District Tax Court, he became Legal Director of Hormipisos from 2012 to 2019.

He has several publications among which the following stand out:

 “LÉXICO JURÍDICO TRIBUTARIO” in co-authorship with Dr. Rodrigo Patiño Ledesma, 1st Edition March 1996 CLD; 2nd expanded edition, January 2009, University of Cuenca-IEDT.

“RESOLUTION ALTERNATIVA DE CONFLICTOS”, October 2000, Universidad del Azuay, Fundación Chico-Peñaherrera, University Texts No. 11.

  • “NOCIONES DE JUSTICIA, ÉTICA, MORAL Y DERECHO”, November 2014, Universidad Católica de Cuenca.
  • “CULTUR ADE PAZ, Alternative Conflict Resolution and Mediation”, November 2019, Universidad Catolica de Cuenca.

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