Corporate and Business Law

Gottifredi Pozo Abogados specializes in business law. It seeks to strengthen companies in the economic and social field based on the union of various branches of law, such as:

Partnership Law: Good partnership management is essential for the proper course of business. We advise our national and foreign clients to choose the best possible corporate form according to their capacities, interests and business areas, in accordance with Ecuadorian legislation.

Labor Law:  Gottifredi Pozo focuses its advice and sponsorship on the reduction of labor contingents, regulating the legal rules by means of which compliance with the obligations and rights of the parties involved in the labor relationship is guaranteed, both in individual contracts as in collective contracts, with preventive advice in the business area and individual in the case of natural persons.

Corporate Law: Every company must have clear aims and objectives in order to achieve a significant increase in the company over time and seek to maximize the value of the firm. Under these circumstances, it is necessary to manage complex corporate structures. We also specialize in Corporate Governance structuring and Compliance. We have vast experience in  in the field of family businesses and family protocols for strengthening continuity of family-owned companies over time.

Copyright and Intellectual Property: Legal protection is necessary in the field of innovation, which is why the Gottifredi Pozo Abogados firm provides advisory services in the area of ​​copyright and intellectual property, in its administrative, litigation and negotiation phases.

Civil-Medical Liability (RC MÉDICA): The Gottifredi Pozo firm provides assistance and advisory services to the medical staff and industry with excellence, also in litigation, mediation or negotiation in the field of Medical Civil Liability.

 Commercial -Civil Law: We provide legal advice to our clients in the civil-commercial sphere, through de facto or non-profit company structures, contract drafting, drafting of garment and mortgage minutes, litigation, negotiation and mediation, among others. services.

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